Warning: important changes have been made in TIBCO Spotfire® release 10.3 and later on how authorized users trust data functions. We strongly recommend that you read the official documentation and follow the TIBCO Spotfire® guidelines if you are concerned.

New in 5.5

Since TIBCO Spotfire® 10.10, we can define top level menus for our tools (official documentation). We now offer a specific package for TIBCO Spotfire® 10.10+, with which you can access the Client Automation options directly via the SpiceUp.Ax top level menu (instead of the Tools menu):

Custom top level menu

New in 5.4

New in 5.3

In version 5.3 we have implemented a large set of functions to manipulate the filters in your TIBCO Spotfire® document. You can add all the types of filter, except the hirarchy filter, and all their parameters are available. You can also reset a filter, or set a filter visible in the filter panel or not.

Known limitation: depending on the number of decimal digits displayed for the filtered column, there may be differences between the value displayed in the TIBCO Spotfire® data table and the value to be set as argument of the addFilter function (due to rounding).

  • New Tools menu options in the TIBCO Spotfire Analyst client (Tools > Client Automation): you can now either create a new document containing the Client Automation panel (Create new document option), add the Client Automation panel to an open document (Display panel option), or reset the panel URL to the home page (Reset to home page option):

Client Automation menu

  • When using spotfireDocumentEditor.setDocumentProperty on an existing property, the property was removed before being added again. Now this function only modifies the value, without touching the property, which makes it possible to keep the possible links with scripts, in Text Areas, ...
  • When the SpotfireDocumentEditor was modified, the active page layout was set to Vertical, aligning all visualizations vertically, instead of keeping the layout defined by the user.
  • The function getRunStdOut always returned undefined.

New in 5.2

  • SpotfireDocument.markRowsAsync: now exposes the operation to use when combining this selection with previously set selections.
  • SpotfireDocument.openDocument: can now open a document from a local file; only available if you use the TIBCO Spotfire® Analyst client.
  • "Web Panel" properties and preferences are renamed by "Client Automation".
  • Fix the versionning of TIBCO Spotfire® extensions (.dll files) in order to keep the backward compatibility with saved DXP files after the upgrade of the Connector.