What it is

SpiceUp.Ax is a development framework for TIBCO Spotfire® mashups design and development. It allows developers to extend the Spotfire Platform with Web applications.

The SpiceUp.Ax Javascript API gives developers a full control on the TIBCO Spotfire® Document object. Developers can easily script the import of data, the creation of new pages and visuals or execute an IronPython script on the fly from a simple JavaScript snippet residing in their web application.

Architecture overview

The SpiceUp.Ax Javascript API exposes the same methods in the Analst client or in the Web Player, using two TIBCO Spotfire® extensions, the SpiceUp.Ax Mashup for the Web Player (on the left below) and the SpiceUp.Ax Web Panel for the Analsyt (on the right below). This means the same code can be executed indistinctively in both environments:

Analyst vs Web Player

Problems we solve

With SpiceUp.Ax you are able to build powerful web mashup with full control on the TIBCO Spotfire® engine.

Web application integration

The number of documents tends to explode in TIBCO Spotfire® libraries, and document maintenance can require many repetitive tasks. With SpiceUp.ax, you can script complex Spotfire creation operations with simple JavaScript instructions.

Library under control

SpiceUp.Ax allows you to go beyond the Visual Analytics by listening events and triggering external actions directly from TIBCO Spotfire®. You can also launch or integrate a third-party application, or write back data to databases or Web Services.

Insights into actions

Providing self-service analytics platforms, your end-users are guided in their analytics workflows.

Bring Data Science to the masses